Liaison de Parfum – A story of comfort

Have you ever smelled the overwhelming scent of a fresh rose or jasmine flower? Did you instantly feel strong and confident? Did you laugh out loud? Did you feel safe and warm? Loved even? It’s amazing how scents can evoke a myriad of emotions and transform our moods in an instant. There’s no hiding from it. In a whiff scents take us back to meaningful life experiences, sometimes long forgotten. Smell something even remotely familiar, and ancient memories are back in a flash. It’s these little and big authentic moments Liaison de Parfum tries to capture in sturdy, clear glass bottles with a poetic message, handwritten by creator Nana de Bary, in her signature style.

Composed of five graceful scents, Liaison de Parfum fragrances are a homage to authenticity and grace. Made in France, using traditional methods of classic perfumery, each bottle tells a story of comfort. Comfort in knowing that all is well, comfort in petitioning your lover to STAY WITH ME, comfort in feeling sensuous and telling the world I DARE YOU to RESIST ME, but most of all comfort in being true to yourself NO MATTER WHAT. Ha, AS IF you’d have it any other way.

The creator

For Nana de Bary, the art of creating scent has never been abstract. It is instead about capturing the romantic essence or the mystery of people and places she loves best. ‘There is a certain elusive sense of perfection in perfumes’, she says. ‘It’s emotional, very hard to explain. It’s just something melancholy you feel. You’ll love it or you don’t, but there is always almost instant an emotional reaction when it comes to perfumes. It’s undeniably real, and that’s what I love about it.’

Each fragrance is de Bary’s homage to stages of a life well-lived, and represents the different phases in the lives of the women—and men—she loves and admires so dearly. De Bary’s creative use of precious essences– which range from familiar favourites like rose and citrus, to new classics like Oudh or exotic Immortelle– have earned her great respect and admiration from the perfume industry. She’s been mentioned by her peers as one of the world‘s most exciting perfumers ever, when she launched her first eponymous line of fragrances more than two decades ago.

Longtime friends Poppy van Herwerden, art director and multi-genius talent wrote the special poetry found on the backside of the bottles, art director Mitra Farahmand collaborated on the packaging and visuals for this brand, model and creative genius Christina Kruse directed beautiful videos for the fragrances which were projected and showed in an art gallery Charim in Vienna.